Our Lessons

  • 2 months - 3 years

  • 6:1 ratio

Immerse your little one in an extraordinary bonding experience with our Infant/Toddler Lessons. Join us as we introduce essential water safety skills in a nurturing environment, fostering a sense of security and confidence in the water. Designed for children younger than 3, our lessons not only promote physical and cognitive development but also create a warm space for bonding and socialization with both parents and peers. Experience the joy of early aquatic exploration, where safety meets the delight of shared moments in the water!

moms having fun with there babies in swim classmoms having fun with there babies in swim class


  • 3 years - 15 years

  • 1:1 or 2:1 ratio

Dive into our signature lessons, where children not only acquire essential water safety skills like floating, treading water, and stroke technique but also gain confidence to handle diverse aquatic situations. These lessons build independence, boost self-esteem, enhance physical development, cognitive development, and decision-making skills. Most importantly, we cultivate a positive relationship with water, making it a source of lifelong enjoyment for children. Join us for a swim program that goes beyond safety, creating a foundation for a lifetime of confidence and aquatic adventure!

two young children swimming in a pool. siblings two young children swimming in a pool. siblings


  • All ages

  • 1:1 ratio

Immerse your loved one into Adaptive Lessons and discover a world of therapeutic and physical benefits. Our lessons take advantage of how buoyancy in the water unlocks independent movement, offering a unique experience for individuals limited by gravity on land. Watch how three-dimensional movement in the water becomes a dynamic training ground for body sensation, spatial awareness, joint position, and posture control. With the support water provides, participants enjoy effortless mobility, ensuring a seamless journey through their aquatic environment. Join us for adaptive swim lessons where every session is crafted to empower and cater to the diverse abilities of each participant.


child who has special needs smiling in the pool during swim lessonschild who has special needs smiling in the pool during swim lessons
  • 16 years & up

  • 1:1 or 2:1 ratio

It’s never too late to enjoy swimming! Our Adult Lessons are designed to help you conquer fears, build confidence, and improve your well-being through gaining competence in the water. Immerse yourself in a full-body workout that improves cardiovascular health, muscle strength, joint mobility, and balance. Progress to discover the joys of water-based recreational activities and travel opportunities such as snorkeling, paddle boarding, river floating, and other water-related hobbies. We will guide you through every step, fostering personal achievement and satisfaction. Join us for swim lessons that prioritize your safety, well-being, and the joy of being in the water.

Adult swimming underwater in the poolAdult swimming underwater in the pool


Prepare For Your First Lesson!

What you'll need:

  • Swimsuit

  • Goggles

  • Towel

  • Swim cap (for longer hair)

  • Non-disposable water diapers (for Infant/Toddlers and those not potty trained)

Little boy ready for his first swim class
Little boy ready for his first swim class

**Pro Tip** Gently pouring water over your baby's head and face during bathtime is a great way to gradually desensitize them. This will not only help them learn to hold their breath but also make their first swim lessons more enjoyable! And as a bonus, it can save you hundreds of dollars in swim lessons. Try this simple and fun technique next time you bathe your little one. It will be a great experience for both of you!

When you arrive, you'll find us inside RvE Fitness Gym. The pool is located to your left as you walk in. A friendly staff members will be there to greet you and can assist in directing you to the nearby bathroom and changing areas.

Parent bonding with their baby during bathtime while pouring water on their head
Parent bonding with their baby during bathtime while pouring water on their head